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Hey there! I'm Shawna. I'm a writer, spiritual mentor, breathwork facilitator, and yoga teacher.
I'm here to help you explore and deepen your spirituality.

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Some people come along in your life who genuinely want to be available to you as you try to navigate your way through life. Shawna is one of those people. She has an innate ability to break down the walls between her and her fellow humans, to create a space where being vulnerable and speaking the truth is supported and encouraged.  Shawna has a gentle way of guiding people towards their own truth. She often seems surprised about how similar our life experiences are but truly empathetic people can relate to everyone, because they genuinely want to and they apply themselves until they do. I highly recommend Shawna for any helping or healing modality.

Allison C.

After the session I felt a deeper connection to my body–an appreciation for all that it is and all that it feels. I’m walking away feeling a connection not only to myself but to the whole world.

Deana S.