Life’s Tiny Miracles

It all started months ago at a networking event called Love Local Fleurieu. It was an outdoor gathering at a winery on a stunning sunny day. Looking through the crowd of about sixty, my eyes landed on a woman across the yard and the first thing I thought was “I need to know her.”

Do you ever have those moments? Moments when your intuition kicks in and you just know something?

The event got started. We all listened to a brilliant woman tell us about her business journey. Then we divided into small groups to share our own stories. We hung cut out hearts offering something from our businesses on a ‘giving tree.’


Photo by Angela Lisman Photography

At the end of the event the woman I’d noticed from afar came up to me…she had picked my heart.

The other day I came across a quote: “Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.” When I’m out of whack and not in tune with myself, everything seems totally crap and it’s super hard to see anything as a miracle, but in these types of moments everything seems magical. Miracles seem real and tangible and I feel child-like again.

As happens in this crazy busy life, we lost touch for several months. I didn’t want to nudge her to take me up on the listening-ear-cuppa I had offered up on my heart. I figured when the time was right, it would happen.

Then last week I saw someone post on our Facebook networking group that they’d taken her up on her giving tree offer. Along with the post there were pictures of the two of them with her beautiful artwork. In the pictures I saw her smiling face and remembered that thought “I need to know her.” I clicked on her profile to send her a friend request. I scrolled down her page and saw a picture of her cat. The cat’s eyes locked with mine and I went on to read that she needed a temporary home.

I had another thought: “I need this cat!”

And so after several tiny miracles (one of which was convincing the husband) it’s come to be that we’ll be having a furry friend, Kaki the cat, in our home for a whole year. We’re all SO excited.


Now, I don’t have a clue what will happen in the next year or why this kitty was brought into our lives, but that’s the beauty of it. When we’re coming from the perspective of life being a series of miracles, we can start to trust the flow knowing that whatever comes up is meant to serve us rather than judging or putting expectations on how things should be.

So then a funny thing happened. On the way home from meeting Miss Kaki kitty I said to my husband, “You know the only thing I worry about having a cat is what will happen if we have to find a new place when our lease runs out in February.” To which my husband replied “Don’t worry about that. It’ll all work out.”

Literally one minute later I got a text from our landlord asking if someone could come look at the house this week. He’s wanting to sell.

And do you know what? All I could do was laugh. If I was in one of those gloom-and-doom moods when everything seems to be going wrong, I would have had a totally different reaction. I would have flipped out in a panic about the thought of moving. Instead, I just saw it as one more possible miracle. When I see life that way my inner child lights up and gets curious about what’s next. My mind gets creative and opens to a whole array of options. Life feels exciting instead of dreadful!

This is our true nature. Think about kids. They are curious little critters! They want to play and experiment. Just the other day my two year old was delighting in throwing rocks in a muddy puddle. She didn’t judge the puddle thinking “oh that’s muddy and dirty. I’d rather it be a clear puddle.” She just wants to see what’s going to happen when she throws a rock in versus a stick. She’s curious and she wants to engage with everything around her. She kept handing me rocks, wanting to share in the wonder of it all, wanting to connect with me through her exploration.

Isn’t that what we’re here for? To be curious, to play, to experiment, and to share in it with others?

We all go through times when we lose sight of that. Shoot, I have. In fact starting this business has been all about me exploring and experimenting, but there have been times I’ve been down on the whole process. I’ve lost the fun in it all. Though it seems like every time I follow my curiosity and my intuition I start to connect back with all the tiny miracles that are happening in each moment. I’ve made new friends. I’ve added on to my business. I’ve tapped into my creative side and started writing again. And I get to share it all with you!

So what tiny miracles are you experiencing these days? Share your story in the comments, I’d love to know.

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