Time to Restore

Day 23 of school holidays.

Yes, my daughter’s school has a three week holiday rather than two. Three weeks of kids buzzing around, screeching with laughter and tears. Three. Weeks.

Plus? My husband took holiday from work last week. We had loads of family time which was really truly lovely, but…

I’ve had little “me-time” and because our routines were out of sorts with everyone on holidays, I went on ‘holidays’ from my self-care routine. It was not pretty. Each day I felt myself getting more and more easily agitated.  I became Miss Grumpy Pants.

The good news? It was a great reminder that making time for myself with 10 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of meditation each day is not a luxury. Every minute adds up to more sane version of myself.

But today? I’m fried. Literally. I feel like my nervous system has been on over-drive. My initial though was to burn some energy with a  more vigorous yoga session, but after a few movements I noticed everything in me was screaming NO!

So I listened. I grabbed a pile of pillows, changed the music, and tucked myself in for some restorative yoga.

Yes, my mind was loud with the lists of to-dos I had to get to for my business. Yes, I started formulating this blog and even took a few selfies. Yes, I had to keep tuning back into my breath. I’d bring it from my belly up to my heart, then let go. Yes, over and over again. And then yes, there was more stillness throughout my being. Yes, everything slowed right down. Yes, my nerves calmed and when I sat up I sincerely felt like I’d been on a holiday. Like, a real holiday. Without kids.

Yes, 15 minutes can do that.

Taking those few minutes each day is like brushing my teeth. It’s really essential to my well being. After my mini-restorative session I was way more productive than I would have been otherwise. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I’m so glad I caught up with myself first!

How would you feel if you could prioritise your well being each day? How would you feel letting go of the all-or-nothing mentality and slipping in to the do-what-I-can mind frame?

What would that be like? What would it look like? (hint: your self-care doesn’t have to be yoga) What would change for you?


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One thought on “Time to Restore

  1. Kat says:

    Every day after lunch we have ‘rest time’ – I put the TV on for kids and I hide in my room and do whatever I feel like! Definitely with a cup of tea. Knowing I will have this time helps me get through the busy morning with an energetic 3 year old and 7 year old if she’s not at school.
    I think it of mama siesta 🙂

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