The Terror Barrier

How many times have you come across just the right information at just the right time? SO many times, right? I love when it happens. It’s like the Universe has left a little breadcrumb for me on the trail of life.

The first bit of information I learned a while ago, but it came back to consciousness at a recent training I was attending for the Sacred Earth part of my business. The person speaking brought up the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in the brain. Sounds fascinating and scientific doesn’t it? Basically this part of the brain links the subconscious to the conscious. Once you bring something to consciousness, the RAS starts looking for proof of it.

Like when we had a blue Dihatsu Sirion (that’s a type of car you American’s have probably never heard of!) that got smashed and we got a champagne colored one to replace it, I’d never seen one champagne colored before. Even though we had the exact same blue car and I was familiar with it. But guess what? Since we got the champagne one I’ve noticed there’s someone in my neighborhood who has one! And someone who picks up their kids from the our school too.

The brain really is an amazing thing.

So the same thing can happen with an idea or a belief that you hold. Which brings me to the next concept, also relating to the conscious/subconscious connection. A few days later I was listening to a lesson from a course I’m taking and the instructor, Kenneth, was talking about how we can’t choose what’s in our subconscious, but we can choose what’s in our consciousness….and THAT filters down into our subconscious. Again, the idea of RAN and that what we believe, we perceive. Once you identify a certain belief or perception that may not be serving you, you can actually reverse it by choosing to believe something different.

Like when I traveled Europe alone. I was afraid of being a woman in a strange place. As women we grow up our whole lives being told it’s not safe to go out alone in a strange place, right? But this belief was really getting in my way of truly enjoying this experience that I’d longed for for years. So I decided to focus on how many good, helpful, honest people are in the world and I came up with what I like to call a “contra-mantra” (because it’s literally contrary to the current belief).

“The world is a safe and welcoming place for me to be.”

Here’s something Kenneth talked about that put into words what I had experienced so many times. He said that once we start putting this new idea into our mind, our subconscious will start to test it out. It will start to look for proof that it’s true, BUT at the same time there’s a conflict because the old belief still exists and there is still proof for that as well. When we start to see proof surfacing for the new belief we come up against what he called “the terror barrier.”

See, our brain is wired to survive, right? It’s got our back like that and it errs on the side of caution. Like when you see a curvy stick on a dirt pathway and you jump back thinking it’s a snake. You’re terrified, right? Until you realise it’s just a stick and you laugh at yourself.

The same thing comes up when we’re trying to break a belief that the world isn’t safe, or that we don’t deserve love, or that we can’t possibly succeed at starting our own business….whatever it is, you’re brain wants to hold on to that. But you’ve got a choice now, because now you’ve seen a bit of proof that your previous belief may not be true. Most people don’t realise this though. They just feel that terror barrier and that’s it, they’re out.

Which is when Kenneth quoted Abraham Maslow: “You will step forward into growth, or backward into safety.”

This was the game-changer for me. See, I’m a learning junkie. I am constantly growing and expanding, but this was where I saw all my current fears, all of the ways I’ve been testing the waters, but been too afraid to jump in. This is when I saw all the ways I’ve been stepping back.

And, sweet people, this is the important part when you realise what you’re facing: now’s the time to get really gentle with yourself. Now’s the time to encourage yourself, to console yourself, to create the safety net for yourself that only you can.

Now is the time to step forward and grow.

I’m telling you this, but I’m telling myself too.

I have been up against that terror barrier a LOT over the past 6 months. I’m actually compelled to step forward rather than backward because I intend on creating a business and a life that I love. I know that it’s important for me to grow into who I’m meant to be because I’m meant to guide others in their own growth. This is how I’m meant to serve the world.

I also know I am expansive and capable of growing into exactly who I’m meant to be in order to do that.

And so are you.

Imagine how you could be in service if you were to grow into who you are mean to be. Whether you’d be in service of your kids, people that you work with, or the planet, imagine how you could impact this world, just by being exactly who you were born to be. You may have a vague vision of what that would look like or not have any idea at all. And guess what? THAT’S OK. Because two years ago I had no idea either, my friend.

A dear friend mentioned a quote the other day “When you pray, move your feet.” You gotta do the work. You gotta put one foot in front of the other to get to where you’re going. And let’s face it, we’re headed to our grave so might as well reset that RAS and have some fun along the way. Might as well connect with beautiful people who can guide you and shine some light on your path.

My invitation to you is to do just that. Connect with me. Maybe you’d like to do some personal growth through breathwork and coaching. Maybe you’re not in my area, but we could do some Skype coaching sessions. Maybe you’d love the challenge of working with me through Sacred Earth, where you’d get intensive mentoring while setting up your own business (loads of personal growth opportunities there!).

Maybe you just enjoyed this post and you’d like to leave a comment about what terror barrier you’re coming up against.

Either way, I’m here and I’d love for you to reach out.

Much love. xo

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