New Beginnings

Spring is blooming. Our peach tree has the most gorgeous, delicate pink flowers blossoming. A storm is brewing. I run out to take in some laundry off the line and there’s that warm stillness in the air indicating something big is about to hit. The birds have all gone quiet. I can’t help but notice the contrast between this little flower and the sky. Doesn’t it just remind you of what it’s like when you can feel that stillness within? When you’ve gotten quiet and you know a big change is coming?

I see the stamen reaching for the sky like outstretched arms, searching. Ready to receive. Not knowing whats coming but remaining open. There’s such fragility in this moment of surrendering before the storm. If you’re really attuned you can feel that under the stillness is a buzz of energy. An excitement.

If we stop long enough to study nature, to feel it in the depths of our bones ringing our intuition, we can learn something. We can get back to our roots, to what we know is True, to the guts and the gore and the raw beauty of Life.

I want to be like this flower. Standing blazenly in the face of adversity. A splash of color against the grey sky.

I’m inside now and the thunder is rattling my windows. Its rummaging through everything I’m holding, shaking it loose. The wind is picking up, ready to sweep away whatever breaks free.

And I am here, remembering the flower. Opening, ready to receive, excited to see what happens when the sun peeks out from the clouds.2016-09-28-11-32-20

If you’ve felt your own storm brewing and need some guidance, I’d be honored to see you through that process. For a free consultation to explore if working together feels right for you, fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch.

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