Tired Times

Who’s feeling tired? It’s the end of the year—one that’s been challenging for many of us and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling it!

I woke up this morning tired after a big weekend. I started getting the kids ready for school and while doing so, I found myself stepping over and around the mess of the house. As I moved through the morning I start to notice my thoughts. There’s frustration, worry, doubt, and fear rolling around like thunder in my mind. I feel my body starting to ache even deeper with exhaustion. I do the school run and as I’m walking back to the the car I notice I’m feeling depressed.

It’s been an epic year. I’ve been on a mission to see my short term and long term goals materialise. I’ve got big ideas and big ideas require great action. However, I’m not where I’d hoped to be by now. I’m on my way, but it’s taking longer than I had planned. As I got into the car with these thoughts that were leaving me feeling drained and hopeless, another thought occurred to me: Just keep looking to where you’re going, Shawna. You’re creating your future right here and now.

Theoretically I know that’s true, but my mind being agitated and negative started arguing back. How am I supposed to be mindful and present NOW while looking ahead? How am I supposed to let go of the struggle with where I’m at while I’m also attempting to create a different reality for my future?

As is sometimes the case these spiritual concepts seem to conflict. That’s part of the spiritual path—becoming wiser and more discerning to the finer details of the teachings.

We talk about life as a journey or as being on a path. Assuming we’re walking and not standing still we’re in action. We’ve always got one foot planted in the present while the other is mid-air propelling us toward the future. We’ve got to feel our foot on the ground and also have an idea for where we’re going. These two things are happening at once.

Every day we have the choice to wake up and take stock of where we’re at, then respond in accordance to what we’d like to create. For me, so long as I know each day I’m taking steps toward the life I would like, I can rest in the knowing that I’m exactly where I need to be today. That’s what I’m attempting to sooth my Ego with today: I am exactly where I’m meant to be and I’m co-creating my Life with the Universe.

I came home from dropping the kids off and did 45 minutes of restorative yoga and meditation because I knew I needed some TLC if I was going to do anything productive today. I’m learning over and over that to go far, there are times I have to slow down (whether I like it or not). The body is a great indicator to listen to. I’m still tired, but I know that by listening to my intuition and taking care of myself I gained enough energy to be inspired to write what I was guided to here. I know this will touch someone’s heart today and that is a big step toward creating the life I am envisioning.

What is it you’ve been looking ahead to create? What have you been working on and are you feeling energised by your progress or depleted? If you’re depleted what action can you take in order for you to regain your energy? Leave me a comment! I’d love for you to join this conversation.

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