Free Falling

We didn’t know what would happen, we just knew it wasn’t working…

Have you ever made a decision going on faith and didn’t know how it would turn out? It’s a little like jumping out of a plane without knowing how you’ll land. Scary, right?

That’s kinda how it felt when my husband and I decided he should leave his job. It just wasn’t working for our family and we both knew we wanted life to look different.

We’re in transition now so we’re still not sure how we’ll land, but we feel so much lighter and happier already. I’ve always had faith that life works out for our best when we follow our intuition and our heart.

And let’s face it, that’s how I ended up here in Australia. I came here because I’d found a person I wanted to spend my life with. Along with love and partnership  I’ve come to discover more of my life’s purpose than I believe I ever would have if I’d stayed where I was.

So last night we went out to start setting and mapping out some goals for our family, business, and future. We shared ice cream and we shared ideas. It felt good. It felt really, really good.

The best thing about it for me was that I felt like we were in this thing together. We’re free falling together. It’s exciting. It’s liberating. And, ice cream!!

You guys, we have a limited time on this earth. Each moment we get to chose how we inhabit this life. Don’t get me wrong, this was a well thought out decision, but in this life we do have choices and in realising that the liberation comes.

That is my hope for all of us, the highest vision I hold: that we are liberated from the self-limiting beliefs that hold us back and chain us to “safety,” that we get out there and do what we’re put here to do, and that we all contribute to the change that this planet so desperately needs right now because just like my husband and I are in this together, we are all in this thing together.


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