Breathe into the New Year


*GASP* Family. Shopping. Wrapping. Cooking. Rich foods. Travel. Late nights. Alcohol. Tantrums (from all ages), on and on for weeks and weeks.

It has begun. Well, the holiday season began a while ago, really, but being 5 days out from Christmas you can feel the buzz in the air. It’s palpable. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, no doubt you are effected by the energy of it. I’d be willing to bet you’ve been barely breathing these past few weeks.

So what do you do?

I always tell my yoga students: you can survive a time without food or water. But how long can you survive without the breath?

Whenever we’re in a heightened state, whether stress or excitement (because guess what? Those both express similarly in the body!) our breath is the thing that can ground us into the moment and signal the body ‘It’s time to relax.’

It’s time to pause before snapping back.

It’s time to let go instead of grabbing for more.

It’s time to connect instead of tuning out. To stay with the hard stuff, the hard people, the shitty situations.

We have the power to completely change everything.

It’s so simple, and yet we forget all the time to breathe deeply and fully. Me included. So, can you find a way to remember? Set a little timer once or twice a day to reconnect with some deep, relaxed breaths? Or some other physical reminder? Like when you get a drink of water or wash your hands?

Take a big breath from the belly up into the chest. Sip in a bit more than you’re used to. It should be so full that when you exhale the air comes rushing out naturally. Right back in with the inhalation. Do this several times minimum. If you can stay with it longer, great! You don’t have to keep going so deep but keep the fullness of the inhalation and the surrender of the exhalation going.

Do it now to practice and tell me how you feel in the comments!

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