Tiny Earthquakes

This is my work space today…I’m in the Gold Coast visiting family and with 8 adults plus 6 kids running around there hasn’t been much work or me time. The family has all gone to the beach and I’ve stayed behind. I’ll tell you-this little slice of quiet time by the pool feels like a luxurious spa retreat.

One thing I’m devoting time to today is looking to the year ahead. With 2016 wrapping up I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting these past few weeks. At first I was feeling pretty down because while I’ve made some huge strides this year toward what I’ve envisioned for my life, there were some benchmarks that I didn’t get to.

But then I started to look a bit deeper. I realized how much inner work I’d done toward those goals. I’ve shed light on a lot of the beliefs that have been holding me back and *that* is progress. Though I don’t have tangible evidence I can feel the shifts. I think of our inner world like tectonic plates. Some shifts are abrupt and, let’s face it, traumatic like a massive earthquake which demolishes the landscape immediately. Other shifts are more like tiny earthquakes spaced apart in time, creeping the land along steadily until one day the landscape has changed completely.

Which had me thinking way back. I’ve been reading about numerology and 2016 being a 9 year (2+0+1+6=9) which has been a completion of what we began back in 2008 (a 1 year). Now as we enter into 2017 we’re back into a 1 year and therefore starting a new energy decade (I follow Elizabeth Peru if you want more info).

2008 was the year I resigned from my corporate position, went traveling abroad, met my husband and my whole life trajectory changed. I’ve been looking back at those photos from my travels and reconnecting to something deep inside me. I could feel a deep nostalgia for the little girl I once was-dreaming of seeing the world, knowing I wanted to live in new places, experience new things beyond my imagination, meet new people and understand their cultures. That little girl has been waiting on the sidelines while I got down to the business of raising babies and settling into a new country, but now she has come alive again and she is jumping up and down squealing that we get to do this again. We get to travel, explore, and reinvent. I feel like that little girl again and it is so thrilling.

That might give you a bit more insight as to why I was tripping out when the company I work with, Viridian, announced they were expanding into the travel industry. Winning! Then there was the added bonus that it aligned totally with my values by making the travel carbon neutral. Win! I have the chance to earn a living while doing what I love, sharing it with others, and it’s better for the planet? Win. Win. Win.

The other night while we were driving around here in the Gold Coast I looked up into the sky at the clouds illuminated by the moon and I remembered back to a night many years ago in Jamaica. My father had just died a few weeks earlier and I went away with some friends for my first vacation to another country. I remember being in a taxi on our way back from a club and looking out the window at the clouds thinking “I don’t ever want to forget this moment. My heart is broken, but those clouds are so beautiful.” Those clouds reminded me of all the wonder in my heart for the beauty that is this earth and this life. That even in the darkness there is light, and peace, and hope.

I think that is what traveling can do for us. It opens our eyes and our hearts. It helps us to come alive with new experiences. It connects us to something greater outside of what can be our very narrow life views. And it fills us with a sense of wonder. It throws us out of our comfort zone, rips at all the places we’re contracted, and brings us back to beginners mind.

So as I sit here poolside working, doing what I love (writing, sharing, connecting) I’m feeling ecstatic for 2017. This past year has been a year of letting go, of dismantling all that I no longer need, and laying solid foundations. This coming year is about action, about bringing to fruition. Friends, I am ready! Are you?

Have you been reflecting and looking ahead? What are you ready for? Leave me a comment! I want to know!

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