Get in the Flow


Are you in the flow of 2017 already? I am so there. So much so that the past few days have flown past and I’m losing track of what day it is (my kids being on school holidays probably doesn’t help!).
I’m experiencing that sweet spot where work doesn’t feel like work. I’m flowing from my business, to being with my kids, to catching up with decluttering projects, and back to my ‘work’ again. Time sorta seems non-existent. I don’t feel any pressure. It’s all just ticking along and even when I’m physically tired, I’m somehow energized from a different place.

This is a very new feeling, and I’m liking it just fine.
I’m sitting here contemplating: “How have I gotten into this flow?” and the answer is simple:
I’ve tuned in and listened to my intuition. Over and over again.
When my intuition told me to get involved with Viridian, I did. When my intuition told me to start writing again, I did. When my intuition told me to support my husband in leaving his job, I did. When it told me I’d need to get more organised to be successful, I did (well, that might be a work in progress technically). When my intuition tells me I need to stop and be with my kids, I do. When I feel like I need to connect with my breath, I do. And on and on it goes.
I’ll admit–I’ve even let go of my meditation practice. It wasn’t purposeful, but I suppose I’ve been feeling so much more present, more mindful, more tuned in that I don’t need my practice as much.
So, I invite you to go into 2017 with the intention of listening to your intuition more. Think of a time when you did listen to your intuition. How did that feel? What was the result of that?
Comment and let me know!

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