Making Better Choices for Mother Earth

All of nature has moments of action, inaction, and balance. Think of a flower. It begins as a seed, buried in the soil, stationary. It then begins to sprout, pushing it’s way up toward the sun. Finally, it blooms in perfect harmony.
We humans sometimes forget we are inextricably a part of nature.

 As women we carry this very clear symbol of nature within us. Within our womb we play out the cycles literally from the inside out month after month. This gift is a loving reminder that we are of this earth.
When you spend time in nature, do you feel that  deep connection? That vast sense of peace that comes from sitting quietly and tuning in? I always have, but this past year I began to understand our connection to earth on a much deeper level. I have come to know in my heart that healing the earth is as much a part of our spirituality as healing ourselves.
As above, so below. As within, so without.
When we ignore the earth and Her needs, we ignore our very own nature. When we treat Her with disrespect, it is an outward sign of the way we disrespect Life itself. How can we heal if we do not value Life itself? We must treat it with the deep reverence it deserves.
A year ago I made a decision to partner with a company, Viridian International, who’s mission is to empower people to make simple, everyday choices to drive change in the world. I did not understand why I was being called to do this work that didn’t seem to fit in with ‘my plan’ of helping people rediscover their spirituality in simple, everyday ways. What I didn’t know was that this work would lead to a much deeper spiritual understanding for me.
The concept of ‘we are one with everything’ starts here. You carry Mother Earth within you. She is a part of you. You feel it in those silent moments in nature. When your mind quiets and you hear the breeze running through the trees, the birds in song, and  your skin is soaking up the sun. Without ever needing the words to describe it, you KNOW in those moments that you are part of All that Is.
And you have the power to make choices that are better for this earth.
One of the things I love most about this company is that we are simply offering people better options for products and services they already use: electricity and travel. Why not pay your bill with a company that is going to use your money toward the bettering the earth? How would you feel knowing every time you pay your bill you’d be helping to reduce pollution and re-establish balance? Imagine setting off on your dream vacation knowing that the trip you’re so excited about will help ensure future generations can experience Mother Earth in all Her glory as well?
And the beauty of it is that we make that more responsible choice easy by making it affordable.
Mother Earth is not just your environment. She is a part of you. If you’d like to make some better choices on her behalf in 2017, I’m here to help.
Let’s look at your electricity bill so every time you pay your bill you can feel better knowing your money is going toward reducing pollution.
Let’s talk zero carbon travel at a discount so that you can help re-establish balance on the very earth that we all want to see more of.

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