Life is a Miracle

Do you believe that life is a miracle? It’s hard to believe that it is when you’re struggling, isn’t it?

In the middle of the night I woke up and received a message: LIFE IS A MIRACLE.

This morning when I woke up life didn’t feel miraculous. I felt a little ‘blah.’ In fact I’ve been feeling a little blah for a few weeks now. So in my meditation I asked for a sign that life truly is a miracle and I saw a vision of a feather….

Two minutes later my 3 year old was playing near an old stroller that was folded up in the corner waiting to be sold. She reached into the folds of the basket and pulled out a feather, exclaiming “Mommy I found this feather for you!”

Yes, that feather IS for me. Thank you.

One thing I believe many of us, including myself at times, are missing is FAITH.

I’m not talking about the kind of faith that hands over our power to some dude in the sky (although I honor that for some people that works). I’m talking about the kind of faith that there is an energy that we are a PART of. An energy that we are connected to AT ALL TIMES.

It’s when we lose awareness of that connection that we feel lost, rather than feeling the magic that is life.

I truly do believe life is magical and miraculous, but I forget sometimes. I especially forget when life feels hard, or I don’t understand why something is happening (or not happening), or when terrible things happen to others. Is that true for you too?

But, isn’t THAT faith? To know that there are things we do not understand and yet believe that we are part of something miraculous still?

I believe so. Let’s keep reminding each other when we forget, ok?

By the way, any time to forget, go run to your nearest child and look into their eyes with love and see what is reflected back to you.

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