Are You Broken?

Broken. Hollow. Jagged. We all feel this way sometimes. Certain situations bring up these feelings.

It’s OK. It really is. This is part of Life.

I’m here in my home town on holiday. Look at this tree I came across while walking through the forest. I was remembering back to all the other times I’d walked that trail feeling a mess and I saw this tree and thought–yes! That was/is me!

What do you see when you look at this picture? A broken and dead tree? Or a lush green forest?

Or both?

Life is both.

Like it or lump it my friend, it’s all one picture. You absolutely cannot escape unscathed. So why not appreciate the greenery along the way?

In every shit situation (of which I’ve encountered many in the past few weeks) there is sweetness.

Do NOT deny the shit. Acknowledge it as you do the sweetness because without it the sweet wouldn’t be so sweet.

I say this from experience, not sentimentality.

Choose wisely.

You might feel broken, hollow and jagged….but you’re also lush, expansive and abundant.

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