A Love Note to the Brave Souls:

If you want to tread water and stay on the surface of life, that’s cool–but don’t expect much to change.

Probably if you’re here though you’re one of those people who chooses to dive deep into transformation. So you must know that there will be times of panic. Times you’ll feel discomfort, as though you can’t breath. It’ll feel like time stands still, like you have no idea who you are.

The question will be: can you stay with it? Can you stick with yourself while you wriggle and writhe through the seemingly unbearable confusion of transition before you come to the surface again?

Can you face the death of some part of yourself before you feel the jubilation of rebirth?

This is the cycle. You come to a point of growth, you choose to stay or move on, and then if you choose to go forward you feel lost until something clicks and you finally come to a new normal.

Confusion comes before clarity. If you can remember that you may not fight it so much.

We are in a period of time when some part of us is re-forming. Whether it’s your identity, a relationship, a pattern of dealing with money, a career path, your understanding of the world, your connection to Spirit, or something else–no matter what it is, this is a time of unraveling and letting go of some way of being.

Let’s let go of the need to fix. When we feel like we need to take action so we can ‘get past this’ or ‘shift’ or ‘heal,’ know that choosing to BE with and witness what is felt and experienced IS action enough.

I am navigating this (again). I know this terrain and even still there is a part of me that resists. I get it.

I *so* get it.

But let’s give up on trying to sneak through the muck all squeaky clean. Are you with me on that?

Fear is normal. Resisting change, even positive change, is normal. Whenever you’re walking into the unknown you will come up against fear and resistance. It’s OK!

Just because you come up against it, doesn’t mean you have to back away. Actually the opposite is true. When you find that resistance and fear recognize it and pat yourself on the back–you’re on the edge of something new!

Speak your fears aloud, write them in your journal, do whatever it takes to let them be heard WITHOUT TRYING TO CHANGE THEM.

Find the compassion that you would have if you heard a child voicing these fear. Be with yourself, hold yourself, and love yourself through.

You might even have a giggle at how silly some of these fears are once you imagine them coming from someone else’s mouth. Lighten up, have a laugh at your own expense.

This is the practice of life: observe what comes up, allow it space, be with it, be kind to yourself through the process, and…take the next step. Repeat.

Jai Bhagwan. (I see myself in your reflection. May your Highest Self be victorious!)

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