How to Embrace Differences and Why It’s Important {Video}

In today’s political climate it can be easy to get caught up categorizing people into this camp or that. We can land up distancing ourselves from people with different views to our own, and while being able to proclaim  ‘I surround myself with like-minded people’ may sound good–there aren’t many people who are exactly like us in every way.

We’re cutting ourselves off from the richness of diversity.

I’m not saying to surround yourself with people who are your polar opposite, but I am saying we’d all benefit from staying a bit more open to one another.

So how do we co-exist with people who are different and have conversations about where we disagree without landing up in out-and-out war?

Here is a video that expands on my thoughts.

Also I’d really recommend reading Brene’ Brown’s most recent book Braving the Wilderness for a more in-depth discussion on this (and more!).



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