How to Feel Rich With $2 in Your Account

for most of my life i felt poor. here’s how i’m overcoming that….

The message read: “A mum is short on pay after Christmas, new to the area so doesn’t have any help and won’t get paid for a few weeks. She has two girls who are getting rather hungry. PM me if you can help.”

Immediately I knew I wanted to help. Even though I’d had a few stresses about money over the past few weeks. Even though I had a few big bills coming up. No matter. I was compelled to action.

I’m not telling you this to toot my own horn. I can tell you honestly that even a year ago I would have scrolled past the message and not looked back thinking “Not me. I don’t have enough.”

As a kid I grew up in a single mother household. There were times we had to rely on government assistance to buy food with food stamps. The shame that I felt around this has stuck with me right through to adulthood. So had, until recently, the belief that ‘I don’t have enough.’

One of the 8 limbs of yoga are the yamas, which consist of five inner observances. One of the yamas, Astheya, is described as: abiding in generosity and honesty, material and spiritual prosperity is bestowed.

For much of my life, even when cash was stacking up in my savings, I did not live this inner truth. I was trapped inside the little girl who looked at others as the ‘haves’ and herself as part of the ‘have nots’ and because of that, no matter how much I had, I held on to it.

But over this past year through my fundraising efforts for Treasure Boxes, a charity that supports disadvantaged children, I was able to connect back to that little girl within. I was able to see what a blessing it was that we received assistance back then– that we never went hungry.

Through that charity work I also saw so many generous souls give willingly. Every time I raised a chunk of money for the charity and imagined the kids who would be receiving I felt richer no matter what my bank balance reflected.

Abiding in generosity and honesty, material and spiritual prosperity is bestowed.

If I’m being honest, I’ve always had more than I needed even if I didn’t feel that way. In the past year I’ve learned that prosperity is a feeling, not a possession.

This feeling of prosperity and abundance (which are what lead to generosity) is often linked to money, but we can expand our consciousness if we choose.

How else can you feel abundant and prosperous? Can you give of your time? What about providing emotional support? Or, if nothing else can you offer a prayer?

Abiding in generosity and honesty, material and spiritual prosperity is bestowed.

I promise you, the more ways you find to be generous the more your spirit will prosper and when your spirit prospers, everything in your life prospers.

By the way, so many people stepped up to help that mum who needed it that she landed up with such an abundance of food that she asked the remaining be directed to others in need.

When we have proof of the generosity surrounding us, generosity becomes a given and is given freely from our hearts.

From my heart to yours, may you feel that kind of material and spiritual wealth.


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