8 Limbs Journey


the 8 limbs journey: A year toward freedom and harmony

The WHO and WHY:

Hello! If we don’t know each other, I hope we will soon. I’m Shawna and I created this offering from my heart to initiate a loving, accepting, inclusive learning community. I absolutely love learning. Truth be told I can’t remember when I last read a fiction book (except with my kids)! I began my journey into yoga 20 years ago, and while I love the physical practice, my Being always craved more.

Over the years I have studied the other limbs of yoga beyond asana (postures) formally and informally both within the yoga tradition and extending to other modalities. Now I am ready (and *so* excited!) to bring all of what I have learned to this point to you, and others like you, so that together we can experience this heart-centred community of learning and so all of us can relax into + enjoy life.

 The What:

The 8 Limbs Journey is a year long deep dive into the full range of yogic wisdom. We come together in Sangha, spiritual community, to explore how these ancient teachings apply to modern day life.

We study together not to be told how to live, but to discover how these teachings apply to the unique individual that is you. We come together to learn how these teachings can help us live a better life; a life of inner freedom.

The 8 Limbs Journey is designed to support those seeking to broaden their understanding of the yoga tradition and for those who would simply like to learn new perspectives and practices that support a more meaningful, purposeful life.  This is a chance to take the teachings from the yoga studio out into your life!

Yoga is made up of 8 Limbs. The following is the interpretation of the 8 Limbs from the book The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi, which we will be using as our guide throughout our year-long journey:

  1. Yama: reflection of our true nature (ethics + behavior)
  2. Niyama: evolution toward harmony (observances; spiritual practices)
  3. Asana: comfort in being; posture
  4. Pranayama: enhancement & guidance of prana (energy); breath
  5. Pratayahara: encouraging the senses to draw within
  6. Dharana: gathering & focusing of consciousness inward
  7. Dhyana: continuous inward flow of consciousness
  8. Samadhi: union with Divine Consciousness

Please enjoy this video explaining in more depth the 8 Limbs of Yoga:

The HOW:

The 8 Limbs Journey is made up of two parts which can be undertaken separately or together:

The 8 Limbs Journey: Yamas and Niyamas


The 8 Limbs Journey: Soulful Sunday 

The 8 Limbs Journey: Yamas and Niyamas

The first two limbs of yoga are the Yamas and the Niyamas. Both are comprised of 5 teachings which will lead us through ten months of study from February to November. Each month we will focus on one of the teachings.

Those committing to all 10 months will be asked to purchase the book The Secret Powers of Yoga in order to do short readings before we meet as a group and to come ready with any points of discussion and/or queries to investigate.

I will be providing the framework for the discussion, a part of which will include some simple, accessible to anyone yogic practices such as meditation, breathing and postures. It is not compulsory for anyone to share, however there will be plenty of discussion as this is meant to be group learning to assist individual understanding.

Yamas (reflection of our true nature):

  1. Ahimsa: Reverence, love, compassion for all
  2. Satya: truthfulness, integrity
  3. Astheya: generosity, honesty
  4. Bramacharya: balance and moderation of the vital life force
  5. Aparigraha: awareness of abundance, fulfillment

Niyamas (evolution toward harmony):

  1. Saucha: simplicity, purity, refinement
  2. Santosha: contentment, being at peace with oneself and others
  3. Tapas: igniting the purifying flame
  4. Swadhaya: sacred study of the Divine through scripture, nature, and introspection
  5. Iswara Pranidhana: wholehearted dedication to the Divine

Fleurieu Yoga, Old Coach Rd. Aldinga

Your choice of:

2nd Sunday of the month

To book, first scroll down to the subscriptions section of the booking page). Join the membership and receive your code. Then go back to the booking page and select either the Sunday session or the Thursday session. Plug in your code and complete your booking.


$45 per month subscription to all 10 months (book here) There are two steps to reserve your space. 1. Select which series you will attend (Sunday) and enter your information. 2. Scroll down on the booking page and under ‘Subscriptions’ you will see the payment plan. If you would prefer to pay in full I can send you an invoice.   If you sign on to the course but do not begin your paid subscription immediately, you will need to by January 12th to be sure your place in held.


$60 Casual *if space available bookings will be published beginning February

The 8 limbs journey: Soulful sunday

This weekly class encourages a your spiritual practice by incorporating more fully the 8 limbs of yoga through contemplation, prayer, chanting, breathing, posture (asana) and meditation. .

Soulful Sunday is complementary to the 8 Limbs Journey: Yamas and Niyamas. Each month we will focus on one of these teachings during our Sunday Sadhana.

For example, within the month we are focusing on Santosha: contentment, being at peace with oneself and others, the entire month of Soulful Sunday will weave in practices and elements of the concept of contentment. We will draw from all 8 limbs of yoga, whatever will support you in integrating the concept into your understanding and help you to bring it into daily life.

Soulful Sunday is open to all who desire a routine non-dogmatic devotional practice, whether a part of the full 8 Limbs Journey or not. All are welcome. Space limited. Booking recommended to start, but may be required at some point.


The where and when:

Fleurieu Yoga, Old Coach Rd. Aldinga

Each Sunday 8:30-9:30am (beginning January 27)

Cost: $15 introductory fee (book here)

Please contact me below with any questions.

May we be nourished through our study together. Namaste, Shawna