Hello beauty! I’m Shawna, founder of Sacred Centre.

Photo courtesy SweetShute

There are so many hats I wear: mother, wife, entrepreneur,  healing breath facilitator, yogini, teacher, writer, and more! I’m sure you can relate and you’ve got your own list of roles you play.

First and foremost though I’m a Divine Being in human form–and so are you. I’m here to help you discover, rekindle, and/or strengthen your spiritual connection to your Self, to nature and to Source Energy (aka: God, Godess, Universe, or whatever you choose to name It) .

I grew up feeling like there was something more, something magical and unseen—a Loving Source. But the older I got the more disconnected I got from It. I got caught up in negative thinking, anxiety, and depression.

Rather than run down the blow by blow, I’ll tell you this: yoga and breathwork (healing breath) have saved my life more than once. I have been on a spiritual journey of exploration for the past 13 years.

Yoga, breathwork and self-study have enriched my life and helped me to live in a better state of Being. My life’s path is guiding people like you to explore your own spirituality, what it means to you, and to create that connection to Source on a daily basis.

I am here to inspire you to see the sacredness all around, to cherish yourself and your life, and to be in relationship to the Divine Energy that runs through it all.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, let’s connect and see if working together is right for you.