Hello beauty! I’m Shawna, founder of Sacred Centre.

I am a yogini, mother, wife, entrepreneur, traveler, ex-pat, healing breath facilitator, and I’m on a mission to help you rekindle (or strengthen) your spiritual connection to yourself, to nature and to the earth.11888137_10152566535667325_718601314583221189_o

I grew up feeling like there was something more, something mysterious and unseen—a Loving Source. But the older I got the more disconnected I got from it. I got caught up in negative thinking, anxiety, and depression.

Rather than run down the blow by blow, I’ll tell you this: yoga and breathwork (healing breath) have saved my life more than once. Self-exploration has been a BIG part of my life for the past 13 years.

Yoga and breathwork changed my life so much, I started this business with the intention of guiding people like you to do the same. Though, as it turns out, the Universe had more in store for me than I had imagined.

Through a series of synchronicities I’ve come to realise that self-care and self-connectedness are only the first steps toward an all around better life for us all.

So once our own basic needs are met and we’re feeling well (a.k.a. a baseline of happiness), what’s next?

Only then are we truly able to look outside ourselves. We’re able to explore what it is we are here to do that no one else can so that we can serve our higher purpose and we are able to think about how we can better take care of each other and the earth.

While the day to day can seem quite ordinary, there is nothing that is not sacred. I still believe that that Loving Source is all around us. Our breath connects us to life itself, our bodies connect us to this physical form, our relationships connect us to each other, and we are inextricably connected to nature.

No breath, no life. No body, no life. No earth, no life.

I am here to inspire you to see the sacredness all around, and to cherish yourself, this adventure called life, and nature.

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Whatever it is you’re looking for, let’s connect and see if working together is right for you.