One Word to Keep You Anchored During the Holidays

Let me ask you a question: when you think about the holidays do you get warm and fuzzy feelings? Or does the potential family conflict, the financial outlay, and your jam packed diary knot your stomach up worse than the tangled Christmas lights you found stuffed in the box from last year?

Maybe a bit of both?

Now is the perfect time to contemplate the concept of INTEGRITY. What does it mean to be in integrity in your life? And how can you stay in your integrity during the holidays?

This word comes up while I’m teaching yoga. I notice students pushing past their limits– Continue reading

How to Embrace Differences and Why It’s Important {Video}

In today’s political climate it can be easy to get caught up categorizing people into this camp or that. We can land up distancing ourselves from people with different views to our own, and while being able to proclaim  ‘I surround myself with like-minded people’ may sound good–there aren’t many people who are exactly like us in every way.

We’re cutting ourselves off from the richness of diversity.

I’m not saying to surround yourself with people who are your polar opposite, but I am saying we’d all benefit from staying a bit more open to one another. Continue reading

A Love Note to the Brave Souls:

If you want to tread water and stay on the surface of life, that’s cool–but don’t expect much to change.

Probably if you’re here though you’re one of those people who chooses to dive deep into transformation. So you must know that there will be times of panic. Times you’ll feel discomfort, as though you can’t breath. It’ll feel like time stands still, like you have no idea who you are.

The question will be: can you stay with it? Can you stick with yourself while you wriggle and writhe through the seemingly unbearable confusion of transition before you come to the surface again? Continue reading

Find Your Power Within Difficult Relationships

Does it ever seem like you’re so lost in the entanglement of certain relationships that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees? There’s so much history, so many triggers, you’re emotions are so all consuming that you can’t see straight.
I know. You feel lost in it all.
Where do you even begin? Well, one tree at a time, so to say. You start to study one aspect of yourself within this relationship at a time. You study it from all angles. You look at it top to bottom. Below the surface even.

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Life is a Miracle

Do you believe that life is a miracle? It’s hard to believe that it is when you’re struggling, isn’t it?

In the middle of the night I woke up and received a message: LIFE IS A MIRACLE.

This morning when I woke up life didn’t feel miraculous. I felt a little ‘blah.’ In fact I’ve been feeling a little blah for a few weeks now. Continue reading

How Journaling Boosts Spiritual Development

Whether you journal regularly, sporadically, or you’ve never gotten into it at all let’s talk about how putting pen to paper can be used as a valuable tool on your spiritual path of exploration.

Journaling can be approached in many ways of course, but here we’ll go through a few of the ways I use most.

1.  One method is a ‘brain dump.’ Use this to when you’ve got a case of what I call ‘tornado brain’–you know, when you’re mind is just going in circles stirring up a whole lot of useless debris that makes it hard to see clearly? Get everything out of your mind onto paper.

This is helpful in a few ways. Continue reading

3 Ways to Teach Children Spirituality

If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who has been exploring her own spirituality for a time. You’ve probably come to some understandings of yourself and the Universe/God/Godess/All that Is (or whatever you choose to call It).

These days with so many of us not resonating with The Church we can find ourselves wondering: How do I convey and teach spirituality to my kids? It can feel like a big responsibility, so let’s break it down to some simple steps. Continue reading

How to Create Beautiful Memories [Letting Go of Expectations]

When you build up something in your head, but it doesn’t turn out as you’d expected…. When people don’t respond as you’d hoped….when you feel disappointed with a situation…what’s your reaction?

Better yet, are you able to respond instead of react?

Today I thought I was a rock-star.

My daughter told me she wanted a ‘strawberry cake with chocolate filling, vanilla frosting, and a cherry on top.” Continue reading