Sunday from 8:15 am till 9:30 am Sacred Sundays

Spirituality is experienced from within and embodying a meaningful spiritual life allows you to tap in to the expanse of personal power and Love that you hold in the heart.

This weekly class is designed to guide you inward through yoga, breath practices and meditation >>> reconnecting you with your own individual sacredness while connecting you to a community of spiritually minded people.

This is where heart opening occurs and inner-wisdom is awakened to be brought out into your daily life.

Location: Fleurieu Yoga Old Coach Rd, Aldinga

Price: $15 casual

Booking essential. Click here to save a spot! How to book: on the booking page scroll down to find Sacred Sundays. Click and when the calendar appears select your date, pay, and confirm.


Wednesday from 11:00 am till noon Gentle Hatha Yoga

Location: Fleurieu Yoga, Old Coach Rd. Aldinga

Price: please see Fleurieu Yoga website for pricing and booking (*please note that this is the studio’s class whilst the Sacred Sunday is run through myself. ~Shawna)



Available on request 

Please contact me for details!


Based on Kripalu Yoga , a form of Hatha yoga, this style of yoga is accessible for any body.

This is a mindful practice that will leave you feeling both rejuvenated and tranquil. While there are many physical benefits the focus here is on your whole Self: mind, body, breath and spirit.




You will develop:

*A more loving relationship to your physical body
*The ability to slow down and simply be in the moment
*More awareness of the breath and how to use it to uplift and/or relax
*Compassion and gentleness toward yourself and others
*Deeper self awareness
*The ability to direct the mind (rather than it directing you!)

Beginners are welcome!

What People are saying

I go to the gym for fitness, but I come to Shawna to refill my spirit. Recently while I was taking a yoga class in Bali I realised how lucky I am. I don’t have to travel all the way to Bali to connect back to myself. I just travel down the road to Shawna’s class and I am taken right back to my centre.


Serene blissful relaxation and beautiful stretching connected to breath! Thank you Shawna xxx


I had never been to yoga before, but I thought it was something I could use to calm my busy mind. I’m always on the go after years of taking care of others. After I left Shawna’s class I could feel how tired my body was from all that busyness. I also felt such calm. So much so that I thought “this is something I really need to commit to doing for myself!

Jan B.