Sacred Breath {Mentoring}

Simply put,  breathwork is a tool for healing.

This is work that disrupts your patterns, gets you un-stuck, and puts you on a whole new trajectory.

This is Soul work, my friend. This is direct-to-Source, get-out-of-your-head and get-back-to-your-Heart work.

Maybe you’ve been experimenting for years and have done a bunch of self-exploration already. Maybe you’ve done years of yoga, meditation, therapy, read books, gone on retreat, and tried other healing modalities, but you still find yourself reacting to life in ways that don’t serve you and leave you feeling frustrated.

This work is different.

For one, you bring all of what you ‘know’ in your head and bring it into being in your heart. So if you ‘get it’ intellectually, but you still get sucked in emotionally to the same old triggers over and over, this could be just what you are looking for.

Don’t underestimate the power of the breath. It is, after all, our link to Life. No breath, no Life. When you connect in, deepen, and open to your breath it’s ability to heal is profound.

Although I am facilitating your experience, you are doing ‘the work.’ I am not doing anything to you. This is not about how I can fix you or even how you can fix yourself. This is mostly about you learning to work with and work through whatever comes up. Through that process you fully step out of being a victim of your Life Circumstances and step into your ability to stand by your own side….no matter what.

This work is empowering for those who choose it.

To be a part of this healing process and to witness the strength of the human spirit is one of the greatest gifts I have had the honor of receiving.

work with me

Hey there! If you’ve gotten this far and you’re considering working with me, I am honored. Truly. Here you’ll find the options to work with me 1:1, though please know I endeavor to offer options in several price ranges and with varying levels of commitment.

If you’re unsure of working with me 1:1 check out the Sacred Study page for further options. 

Test the waters:

In this 90 minute initial consult you’ll get to check me out and see how I work. We’ll explore what’s brought you to seek guidance and through our talk you’ll get some insight into what might be causing your current challenges in life.

While we won’t have time for a breathwork session here, you will walk away knowing if breathwork is the right healing tool for you and we’ll decide if working together is a good fit.

Whether you choose to commit to a package or not, you will walk away with some resources and suggestions for tools would be useful in starting you along your own personal path of self-discovery.

cost: $99*

*If you choose to upgrade to one of the following packages this fee will be deducted from the package price.

When I commit to you as my client, I am fiercely committed to your personal and spiritual development. We are in this together. In my experience three breath sessions is the minimum for you to truly see significant shifts in your life and so you will see that reflected in the below packages. 

Go Deep:

These are the basics, but it’s anything but basic! You’ll experience 3 breath sessions over a period of 6 weeks – 3 months, depending on your needs which include:

  • Coaching/mentoring before we begin the breath
  • An intention is set for your healing going into the breathwork
  • Discussion and integration after the breathwork completes
  • Practical tools to use between sessions

Please allow 2-2.5 hours for each session

Cost: $999*

*Less the $99 initial consult if you’ve booked that first. Payment can be made in full or in 3 equal installments due before each session. 

On the other side of this you are going to be you, but different. You’ll know what I mean when you’re done, but basically you will still feel like your Self–only you won’t be reacting to situations like you used to. You’ll be lighter, free-er, and sooooo much happier.

Dive in:

But hey, maybe you’ve got some big goals coming up and you are feeling called to seek extra guidance. Or maybe you are feeling some big shifts occurring within and you’re not sure how to work with it on your own. Whatever it is that you are needing, you are super committed to doing the work.

Here you’ll get everything included in Go Deep with the added bonus of more support and guidance from me between sessions.

  • Everything included in Go Deep PLUS
  • 3x 30 min phone consults
  • At least one email chat per week (more if needed) in which you can ask questions, gain clarity, or just get some support (I never made the squad, but I tell you what–I’m a damn good cheerleader!). You can expect me to respond within 24hrs.

Cost: $1299*

*less the initial consult and can be paid in full or in 3 equal installments

Now, on the other side of this you are going to feel the same as Go Deep–still you but different–and you’ll be all the more confident in handling whatever comes your way because you had that extra bit of guidance around situations that tripped you up and you had that little bit extra affirming, loving support.

Go The Distance:

Yeah baby, now we’re talkin’. You get the feeling you really want this commitment. You want someone who’s going to be there for you, through thick and thin–someone who’s in it with you for the long haul. Oh yeah, this is getting serious.

With Go The Distance you’ll get everything from Dive In, just expanded into a 6 month journey. Six breath sessions over six months, six 30 minute calls, and weekly email check-ins.

Cost: $2399*

*less the initial consult and can be paid in full or in 6 equal installments

I love, I mean I really truly LOVE, all of my clients. Each person I work with is a gift and I would love nothing more than to see YOU through six months of your growth. On the other side of this you are going to be….exactly as you are meant to be. You are going to be closer to the YOU that you have always been underneath all the pain, stuffed emotions, and limiting beliefs.

See the thing is, whether you choose Go Deep, Dive In, or Go the Distance you are not fixing yourself up into perfection. You already are perfect, just as you are. Together we’re just clearing away the crap that is obscuring the YOU that is already there.

Whatever you choose, I am here for you. I am in service to your highest good. And remember, if 1:1 sessions aren’t the right option for you, check out the Sacred Study page and consider Open & Connect or The Collective Breath: Group Breath Sessions.

Please do contact me with any further questions.

With Love, Shawna xo


Stories from women like you

Some people come along in your life who genuinely want to be available to you as you try to navigate your way through life. Shawna is one of those people. She has an innate ability to break down the walls between her and her fellow humans, to create a space where being vulnerable and speaking the truth is supported and encouraged.  Shawna has a gentle way of guiding people towards their own truth. She often seems surprised about how similar our life experiences are but truly empathetic people can relate to everyone, because they genuinely want to and they apply themselves until they do. I highly recommend Shawna for any helping or healing modality.

Allison C.

Before starting my work with Shawna I had done personal development work over many decades, and was looking for a way to break through old habits of thought and behaviour that kept recurring over the years, preventing me from fully enjoying life by expressing all my creative potential and earning my living from work about which I am truly passionate. 

During the breathwork sessions with Shawna, I experienced powerful emotional release, profound insight into old beliefs and behaviour patterns that were holding me back, and a clear vision of how to move forward.  

After my work with Shawna I felt more grounded and relaxed in my body, more open to new experiences, and more able to express myself and to relate to people on my own terms. For example, the day after my first session I attended a work meeting at which, rather than limiting myself to a few well-chosen words, I expressed my views fully (without hesitation or subsequently beating myself up!).

Since completing the third session, I feel more fully alive, joyful and grounded. I now have confidence in my power to create and bring my original work into the world in ways that are solid, sustainable, and nurturing to myself and others, and have taken actions toward this goal. 

What sets this work apart from other types of healing is that it is extremely powerful and fast in clearing pain and trauma that is stuck in the body. It requires courage, clear intention, and an experienced, compassionate guide of impeccable integrity. Shawna Barber is such a person.

What I appreciated most about Shawna was her compassionate listening while I explored the things that were holding me back; her ability to attune to my experience and say or do just the right thing at the right time to support, encourage, or move me forward; her integrity and attention to detail; and her joyful, radiant presence.

Michele M.

Shawna is a compassionate, discerning, honest, collaborative and completely nonjudgemental professional. Breathwork with her is…. {you} inside you, meeting and moving the inhabitants of your self directly: even the ones at the bottom you never knew were there. Working with Shawna enabled me to unstick and unlearn programs that didn’t serve me, and uncover and embody truths that were there, underneath all along. I have not experienced a more practical, whole-self method of change.

Diana K.