Sacred Earth

Do you love to travel? Love a bargain? How would it feel to be able to save money AND tread lightly on the planet while doing more of what you love?

You know our spiritual connection to the earth runs deep. Travel is part of our modern world. We are so lucky to be able to explore this gorgeous planet, hop on a plane to do our business, and visit family far away! Unfortunately, every trip we take leaves a mark on this beautiful planet.

Our relationship to Mother Earth is one of the most sacred relationships we have. No earth, no life. Right? We must walk through our days with that in our mind’s eye and make the best choices available to us on Her behalf.

To me, this is a spiritual duty.

For that reason, I have aligned with a company that has made it it’s mission to offer better choices for the earth at great prices.. We offer electricity, natural gas, solar options, and now…travel.

There is no other company in the travel industry offering what we do:

We offset your travel at no additional cost, helping you feel better about your carbon footprint.

Plus through our travel club you receive:

*Savings up to 50% on hotels, cars, cruises, activities & more
*110% price guarantee
*Earn Reward Credits
*No blackout dates
*Personal concierge

My personal mission is to spread the word so that the people who care about the earth as much as I do know what options are available. I want you to feel empowered to make the best choices possible for yourself and for the earth.

Watch this short video explaining how to Travel Light:

Contact me below if you’re interested in finding out your options as a customer.

Another personal mission of mine is to mentor those who have a fire in their belly to change the trajectory of not only the environment, but also their LIFE. People who are tired of sitting back and feeling helpless. People who are ready to make the choices and do the work necessary to make a difference, while creating a different life altogether.

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing! I love using my coaching skills to help others to create the life of their dreams.

Again, contact me below if you’d be interested in exploring the option of building a business and a life on your terms with Viridian and with me.



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