The Gift of Depression

So let’s have a moment of honesty and transparency….

Even as a yoga teacher, a coach, and a healing breath facilitator I struggle on and off with depression.

If you’ve ever been in the midst of a depression you know the feeling of hopelessness, and I would imagine you’ve felt there was something wrong with you, am I right? But have you ever considered your depression could be a gift?

I know, I know–you’re thinking ‘This lady is crazy. Depression far from a gift.” Stay with me though!!

My first big episode of depression was when I was in my late 20s. In the course of two years my father had died, I had a period of estrangement from my mother, my boyfriend of six years became abusive and I left him, then I started a very stressful job (for which I was totally unqualified). Eventually it all pushed me over the edge.


For the first time in my life I let myself fall into the depths of despair. Up till that point I was really Continue reading