That Which Was Never Lost

I dropped off my girls at daycare and school, came home, shut the door behind me and just stood there feeling the stillness of the house. It had been two full weeks of one or both of the girls being home sick. Two weeks of working at home and from home with kids buzzing around me, snotty nosed and needing more attention than usual.

What to do first? The pile of dishes? Get onto my business to-do list? It was such a beautiful, unseasonably warm, and sunny day and I hadn’t had any time alone in so long. My whole body ached for some solitude. I grabbed my stuff and went outside to the kid’s trampoline.
I hopped up and felt the sun heating my back, the warm but crisp wintery air on my cheeks. I tuned in to my breath and let it guide my body through some organic movement until I felt like Continue reading