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Open and connect: A journey through yoga and breath

After the session I felt a deeper connection to my body–an appreciation for all that it is and all that it feels. I’m walking away feeling a connection not only to myself but to the whole world. ~Deana

Combining restorative yoga and healing breath this is an opportunity to go deep and explore your inner world, literally hitting the reset button and plugging back in to Source Energy.

Shawna’s calming, grounding voice guides you through this unique process of opening and release so you can drop further than ever into a still, sweet space of connection to your Self and to All That Is. The result is a profound sense of peace and tranquility.

This is a powerful emotional and spiritual experience. A safe space is created and held so that you may gain more emotional awareness, a letting go of long-held emotions, clarity and insights allowing for a greater sense of personal freedom and connectedness.

We’ll end with chai and chat to ground in afterwards through sweet treats and good company.


Fleurieu Yoga, Aldinga


Sunday, December 10th 10-1230pm

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What people are saying:

I feel much more clear minded. I was able to connect with the joy and excitement that is happening in my life right now. ~ Lorrene

Once I allowed myself to be fully there [in the posture] the tears came. I realised how much I’d disconnected myself from my feminine side for many reasons. I’ve almost shut that side of myself down and pretended it wasn’t part of me. Even writing this is bringing up tears but they’re tears of gratitude from some part of me that is happy it’s been acknowledged and now has the opportunity for reconnection.

I woke up this morning feeling different – like a heavy fog has lifted and the sun is out again. I wanted to do things to take care of myself. I wanted to do things that further connect me to source. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I wasn’t sure what to expect from yesterday but I got exactly what I needed.

~Nicky S.

I felt happy and safe. I reconnected with my child Self who has been hiding and scared. I am now feeling a sense of emotional freedom. Thank you!

I loved the class yesterday. You held the space and guided us beautifully. My 7yr old told me how wonderful my energy felt and that he wanted to stay close to me because I felt so good.

Today I feel present, still and grounded in my body in a way I haven’t felt before. Even my chiro noticed the change in my body this morning. Thanks again for a wonderful experience and I look forward to more sessions in the future!

~Belinda B.

I loved the session. It was far more powerful emotionally and spiritually than I anticipated. I let go of stuck emotional and mental stuff and had a number of insights about my work. Thank you Shawna! You are amazing! ~Michele

I love how you talk and connect us with earth, source and all Universal Energy. It felt like a very spiritual practice. I’d love my kids to learn this connection and inner knowing! ~Claire