Embodying spiritual power from within so the only thing ruling you is your own heart

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Hey there! I’m Shawna

I help progressive women create a meaningful spiritual life led from within so they can embody confidence in their own sacredness.

I believe the most empowering and revolutionary thing you can do is live your life knowing the divine is within and that you have direct access to it in any moment.

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My spiritual journey and questioning the traditional beliefs I was raised with is incredibly important to me. Shawna helped me to release all the beliefs that were standing between Me and Life.

For the first time in my life I feel “This is me and I’m OK exactly as I am.” I have come to a place of assurance in my Self. I am lighter and more confident. There is a solidness in myself I’ve not experienced before.

I feel as though my heart has always been there waiting for me to uncover its proper beat. Now I’m in the vibration I was always meant to be in.

Sally B

Shawna lives and works from her Sacred Centre, a powerful place that, if you’re willing, will shift your reality. I am not the same person I was before working with her. If there is stuff you want to shift, old habits and beliefs you know you need to lose to get where you want to go, I recommend working with Shawna.

I now feel more fully alive, joyful and grounded. I have confidence in my power to create and bring my original work into the world in ways that are solid, sustainable, and nurturing to myself and others.

Michelle M

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