Your life's work led from within.

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Hey there! I’m Shawna

Are you a Space Holder? You’re ‘tools” aren’t what makes you a Space Holder. You’re a Space Holder if you provide any kind of safe space where people feel seen, heard and accepted.

You’ve probably been someone people turn to for comfort your whole life. 

Whether you’re a massage therapist, NLP practitioner, yoga teacher, councillor, social worker or something else you hold space for people to be held when they’re vulnerable, healing, or wanting change.

This work is spiritual by nature and I’m here to help you get comfortable with your own version of spirituality so you can grow confident in your own inner-authority, trust your inner guidance and courageously speak from your heart.

Embodying that confidence, trust and courage is so important because you are here for a reason. There is a High Vision that you are here to serve. There is a vision in your heart of a particular change in the world you’d like to contribute to. It might not be totally clear to you yet. It might feel scary and too big to hold on your own.

 My personal High Vision is to help you move beyond whatever is standing in the way of you fully actualizing your work in the world. That’s my joy! It’s what I’m here for.

Contact me if you have any questions about how I can support you.
I can’t wait to connect!

My spiritual journey and questioning the traditional beliefs I was raised with is incredibly important to me. Shawna helped me to release all the beliefs that were standing between Me and Life.

For the first time in my life I feel “This is me and I’m OK exactly as I am.” I have come to a place of assurance in my Self. I am lighter and more confident. There is a solidness in myself I’ve not experienced before.

Sally B

I now feel more fully alive, joyful and grounded. I have confidence in my power to create and bring my original work into the world in ways that are solid, sustainable, and nurturing to myself and others.

Michelle M

I’ve been on a mentoring journey with Shawna for about a month now. I’ve gained incredibly valuable insights around my purpose I feel more clarity and confidence, not only in my work as a practitioner, but in my own being.

I’m more relaxed, no longer hung up on what I think I should be doing and instead trusting in myself as I am and what I have to offer. It feels really good!

Sally W. 

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