Women In Power

I have a vision. A vision that has been sitting with me for six months, growing, evolving, getting clearer. My heart has created this vision, it’s been calling to me, and yet I’ve been afraid to share it.

The past six months have been a winding trail, but at every turn the vision was there. “Not yet” I’d think. “I’m not ready yet.”

Then last week I felt energetically stuck. No motivation. And I got curious as to why.

So I got on my yoga mat and asked what this energy was trying to communicate to me. I started to go through sun salute. I worked with my breath to release pent up energy, then I breathed to increase my energy. I sat still and listened to my body. Then, instead of doing yoga, yoga flowed through me as meditation in motion.

This is the practice of following energy, of diving into the river of prana that flows through the physical self. It is surrender. It is faith in what is not seen, but felt. It is Trust in what is, what shows up and where it leads.

Getting myself into this flow in my body, aligns my mind and spirit with the energy of All That Is. When I was done, I lay down and it was clear to me that the time had come for me to share. And so, here it goes.

My vision is to create a network of women supporting each other toward abundance and growth both spiritually and financially. A collaboration of feminine energy aiding self-development, empowerment, and reconnection to our creative energy.

I had three goals for this year and one of them was “Create Community.” I just rediscovered this affirmation taken from my journal back in January: “I align with others and build a community of friendship and support in order to bring more Love and Light into the world.”

Here’s an important fact: I had no idea how to do that or what it would look like. I just knew it was the end goal I desired and I’ve followed the energy that has led me to where I am now. It’s no coincidence that I’ve met some amazing women along the way.

Not long after I wrote that intention a dear friend contacted me about opportunity that was totally out of left field. Initially it looked like a distraction from what I was currently creating, but my Higher Self told me this was part of the plan. Again, I didn’t know how but I trusted enough to have faith in what I couldn’t see at the moment.

My friend let me know that Viridian Energy was coming to Australia. Yep, energy, but a different kind–electricity. Electricity that reduces our impact on Mother Earth and offers the ability to earn an income by helping others to make the switch.

My vision: to create a network of women supporting each other toward abundance and growth both spiritually and financially.

What my heart is calling for is to be a part of a community of women who are committed to each other’s personal growth. I see us helping each other clear what’s holding us back in life so we can create the life we dream of.

And what better way to come together than to be in service of the Great Mother? Her energy sustains us, now we can help to sustain her.

I even have a spiffy name for this group of women that I see in my heart coming together: Women in Power!

Because ladies, we are meant to be in Our Power!

In my vision I see two types of women coming together:

  • Women who are already in business, and who are looking for an extra stream of income to allow for financial stability or to take money earned from Viridian and reinvest it back into their business.
  • Women who would like to explore this new way of earning money, but feel nervous about giving it a go because they feel they lack the skills.

We all have gifts and skills to contribute. Whether you’re in business for yourself already, you’ve always worked as an employee, or you’ve been a stay at home mom for years. We’ve all got something to contribute to other’s growth, and yes, that includes you! It’s my job to help you uncover those skills so you can not only succeed for yourself, but contribute to others success as well.

Which leads me to the other part of my vision: A collaboration of feminine energy aiding self-development, empowerment, and reconnection to our creative energy.

Viridian Energy uses a Relationship Marketing model. How perfect is that? Relationship is what we women do.

When I first started my own business teaching yoga I went in blind. I had no clue how to market myself or how to break through the fear of rejection, for example. Becoming an entrepreneur was confronting on pretty much every level: self-worth, my relationship to money, how to balance work and family life…and more!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a part of a community of women with all different backgrounds and experiences who could help each other? And what if access to that support and knowledge was ‘free’ through the flowing exchange of energy? That’s what I call women empowering women.

Relationship Marketing helped me hone in on lots of skills that I was lacking in my personal and business life. If a group of us women came together with the common goal of establishing a stream of income through Viridan Energy and helping each other break through the barriers which were holding us back in our lives–BAM! We could move mountains.

I am here to bring my skills and gifts to the table to create the container for this vision, because I firmly believe….

We women were made to collaborate and create. I think about how long ago we used to help each other hunt and gather. Now we can help each other survive and thrive in new ways. We used to exchange skills and services to aid one another. We still can. We used to worship together. Now we can devote to the mental, emotional, and spiritual growth of one another.

I’m envisioning mentoring, brainstorming sessions, exchanging skills and services, and workshops together all free from monetary exchange because we would all be invested in each other’s success. I know that together we can support each other’s growth on so many levels and from there we can be free to create a life of abundance together

Do you remember earlier I spoke of my meditation in motion? I said it is the practice of following energy. It is, but not just on the physical plane. This is also the practice of diving into the river of prana that flows through LIFE itself. It is total surrender to Life and What Is. It is faith in what is not seen, but known deep in our hearts. It is Trust in what shows up.

And so when Viridian Energy showed up, something deep in me knew this was part of the path for me. I knew it somehow tied into my Greater Vision. I didn’t know how, but I trusted and I still do and I’m curious to see where it leads!

Since stepping on to this path I have grown in many ways. I have overcome many self-limiting beliefs and I have become stronger in my Knowing.

And women, hear me when I say: I know that my vision to create a network of women supporting each other toward abundance and growth both spiritually and financially is totally possible. I know that a collaboration of feminine energy aiding self-development, empowerment, and reconnection to our creative energy would rock our world and we could spread our Love and Light further than we ever imagined or could do on our own.

This is the freedom that Relationship Marketing affords us: when we work for ourselves we can use our energy in the way we decide. We can use it to help lift one another up, and in this case, to leave Mother Earth a better place for our children.  

So my question to you is: do you see the possibility too? Is there some inner Knowing from your Highest Self that this is something you’d like to explore?

If so, I invite you to join me. Let’s use this business model of Relationships Marketing to bring us together so we can get to being who we’re meant to be. Let’s be Women in Power: collaborating and creating a life of abundance through the exchange of energy and knowledge.

If you are a woman looking to be empowered in your life, if you live in Australia or the United States and if you’re feeling called to see if this could be an option for you, fill in the contact form below and I’ll be in touch.

I’m looking forward to chatting to see what we can create together!

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