Hey there! I’m Shawna

a spiritual mentor for Space Holders…

From a young age I felt there was something more, something magical and unseen—a Loving Source. My mother had left the Catholic faith by the time I was born so I grew up surrounded by beautiful stone churches with stained glass windows. Always on the outside looking in, very aware that I didn’t belong.

I was way too independent, strong-willed, outspoken, radical, wild….and I did not like the rules. Yet, I desperately wanted a spiritual home to call my own.

Growing up I had so many clear inner-knowings but got the message that I was wrong. Movies, teachers, coworkers and the culture at large all seemed to be an extention of a big finger of condemnation pointing down at me.

Meanwhile people turned to me for comfort and advice. I naturally fell into support roles and during my 20s I worked as a sign language interpreter. It felt good to use my innate skills like supporting others independence, facilitating communication, being part of learning environments and bridging connection. Being of service felt natural, but this work fell a little flat for me. 

There was no spark.

As I fumbled through young adulthood I desperately tried to be who others wanted and needed. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I landed up walking into a yoga class at my women’s gym a big bundle of nerves and self-loathing. In that class I came home to myself and found the spiritual home I had always wanted. 

I spent the next 20 years seeking out spiritual experiences and knowledge so I could cling to the identity of the peacful, eternal being I felt in that class until some crazy life circumstance would smack me over the head reminding me of the hot mess of a human I was.

And then suddenly in my early 40s it occured to me that, much like the people who filled the pews of the churches I walked past, I only felt spiritual when I was on a yoga mat, or diving into the latest new age book, or sometimes through words and writing. No wonder I was always vascillating between zen and zanie.

Beginning to wonder how to intermingle these two parts of myself books, people and even oracle cards started finding their way to me. Finally I began to feel that magical, unseen Loving Source weaving through every part of life. Things started changing. No, I didn’t manifest the perfect life, but I did find true power from anchoring into the knowing that I am loved and celebrated exactly as I am, most especially when I’m a hot mess.

You know those moments when you are holding space for someone who’s a hot mess and you’re overcome with love, compassion, acceptance and you expect nothing in return because it actually feels like an honor to be there with them? That’s how the magical, unseen Loving Source feels about you. All. The. Time.

I believe that when we truly know this it becomes our super power because not only are we *not* afraid of being human – we can also tap into this Source for courage, inspiration, guidance and meaning.


I’m here to support you in creating a more meaningful, personal spiritual life led by your own inner-guidance so you’re able to fully actualize your work in the world.

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