Hey there! I’m Shawna

a spiritual business coach for Space Holders…

The entirety of my work life has been dedicated to being in service of others. The first fourteen years of my career were spent serving the Deaf community in the United States. I graduated a yoga teacher training on my 30th birthday. From there, I spent countless hours taking workshops, assisting workshops and facilitating workshops. In 2013 I completed a six month breathwork facilitation + holistic wellness course. 

Confession: I could count the amount of fictional books I’ve read in the past decade on one hand. Reading books on spirituality is how I spend my ‘down time’ since becoming a mama. 

Sacred Centre was founded in 2015 with the vision of bringing people back to the sacred centre within.

That vision remains, but over the years I found myself working with women who, like me, hold space for others. You know what I found? Like me, many of them have a bigger vision for their work, but because it feels kinda scary to hold all on their own they weren’t doing anything about it. 

Believe me, I get it. I’ve learned a thing or two (or twenty!) about the doubt and uncertainty that keeps our vision locked away without a voice. Since founding this business I’ve felt lost, wanted to give up and honestly felt like I was crazy sometimes.

What got me through? I started applying spiritual values to my work and strengthening my relationship to the Inner Divine. When I started working with other women like me I noticed this helped them too. Once we invited the Inner Divine into the work we felt less alone and more supported to step toward the big vision.

My vision quickly became to hold the space holders ~  the women who give so much to others. I hold space for healing any embodied spiritual wounds that keep you disconnected from your own Inner Divine. 

Everything we do is spiritual. Your work is your sacred offering into the world. How would it feel to have the Divine leading you from the inside? 

I’m here to offer you spaces where you can find the clarity and confidence from within that will guide your life’s work.

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