Shawna Barber: NDIS Goal Coach and Support Liason

Stable, caring, encouraging relationships create a safe environment for us to grow and develop. 

Hi, I’m Shawna. I have a knack for getting to know people, looking
at the big picture of their lives, and figuring out how to support them moving forward. If you’re an NDIS participant with some new goals and you don’t know where to start, or if you have long unmet goals and you’re not sure what’s got you stuck, I may be able to help.

I support participants wanting to grow into new capabilities and, if necessary, I liaise with their supports to ensure systems are in place across the team to maximise their potential for success.

Contact me if you’d like to explore options of working together.



Maybe you’re going through a life transition such as starting uni, beginning a new job, setting up a business, separating from a partner, or establishing your own home.  Or maybe you’re just looking for a new and holistic approach to increasing your capacity toward your NDIS goals, like physical fitness or regulating emotions* (*see special note on this below).

Either way, we’ll work together to tailor an approach specific to you so you can navigate these changes both practically and emotionally.

To start, I’ll hang with you in more of a support-worker role, and/or with your support people, so I can get to know you, your team and your life. This could mean grocery shopping, accompanying you to appointments, taking you out in the community, doing things around the home, or anything you’re needing. In the beginning it’s all about us getting to know each other and building trust.

Through observation I’ll be able to identify some new ways of supporting you, Then together we’ll:

~identify your needs and preferences
~identify previous obstacles
~brainstorm systems to try/test
~identify next steps
~implement systems with my support

Of course we’ll work within your NDIS plan, but you are so much more than what’s on paper. I provide you tools to build resilience, self-regulate, manage anxiety, increase self-awareness and improve focus during the practical steps of moving toward goals. Some of those tools are:

~mindfulness, meditation, breath practices
~mindset practices
~body based awareness
~light, gentle yoga
~visualizing long-term goals and how you’d like your life to look and feel

Hopefully you’re working with people that already know your needs. I work best collaboratively and part of my approach is working with your team. I can liaise between different parts of your team so everyone is on the same page and systems are in place for you to meet your goals. I might suggest additional support people to help you.

*Special note on improving fitness and emotional regulation goals: Sometimes my specialty skills of mindfulness, yoga and coaching are the only thing needed. We can even incorporate walking into these practices. I can create packages specifically to this as well.  

I work with self managed and plan managed NDIS participants. Based on your needs, NDIS goals and budget we’ll work out a service agreement. I provide options for billing under your core or capacity building budget.

I serve within a 30 minute radius of Aldinga, SA and virtually.

Please contact me with any questions.

About me:

The entirety of my work life has been dedicated to being of service. For 14 years I worked as a sign language interpreter in the USA, interpreting everything from uni, corporate, medical, to video relay service (VRS). I even ended up managing a VRS office. I got a lot of gratification from working with with people who’s needs and disabilities varied. Finding ways to adapt to the needs of the individual and the setting was hugely satisfying. 

The most rewarding by far was interpreting for mainstreamed primary school students. That role allowed me to be a tutor, an advocate, a mentor, and a liaison between admin, special ed, the teacher and parents. Building relationships with those kids and working withinga team was incredibly fulfilling and continues to influence how I work today.

The other side to my life of service began 24 years ago when I started studying yoga. The month leading up to my 30th birthday was spent immersing myself in yoga teacher training. Since then I’ve spend countless hours taking, assisting and facilitating workshops. I went on to study meditation, mindfulness and spirituality. In 2013 I took an intensive 6 month breathwork and holistic wellness course.

For the past seven years I’ve run my own business, Sacred Centre. The past three years I’ve slowly dipped my toes into the water of the NDIS community to sese how I can bring these skills together to serve you. 

You are unique and if you need someone in your corner who can see you for who you really are, cheer you on while you’re doing the courageous work of self-development, and teach you a few new tricks along the way, it’s worth a chat to see if we’re a good fit for your needs

Qualifications and Background:

In the United States I held a two year specialty degree and national certification for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting. During my 12 years in that sector, I interpreted in the following settings: 

*Primary and Secondary school
*Video Relay Service (VRS)

VRS Manager; solely managed an office of 40+ interpreters.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, plus many more hours of ongoing study.

Cert IV equivalent of Holistic Wellness (breathwork combined with coaching).

Between my long and varied experience with the disabled community in the US, extensive training in holistic arts, and lived experience with neurodiverse people in my family, I bring a unique set of skills that can be applied to a variety of settings, needs and people.

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