You hold so much. You need someone to hold space for you too.

Spiritual Business Coaching

You + me + The Divine get together and get creative on your big vision + clear on your next steps.

There is a way to combine business + spirituality + service so your life’s work is led from within while you action the day to day.

There are a lot of factors that go into creating and putting your work into the world. So much so that many business folks forget a key ingredient: being of service to Something Greater.

There’s more to business than goal setting, strategy and action. Yes, those are necessary, but not in the ego-driven way we’ve been taught. If you need a balanced, gounded approach that allows for both creativity and practical action, welcome! 

Doing business from a spiritual foundation helps you make decisions from your inner compass, speak confidently from your inner-knowing, trust your inner-vision, accept your unique, often winding, path, and replenish your energy from within.

Because guess what? That something greater you’re serving also lives within you. 

You don’t need to change yourself in order to manifest your heart’s every desire….

You don’t need to ‘smash goals’ or ‘blast through blocks’….

What you need is right there in your heart, waiting for you.

I’m holding the space for you to get past all those cultural hang ups and hang out in your heart.

Work with me

Reclaim Your Gifts Session

We all have innate gifts we’re meant to share with the world through our work. This is for you if you’ve ever been criticised or ostracized for being your authentic self. We get in there and flip that script. Also, if you’ve felt unsure about how to use your gifts, or what they even are I am really freakin’ good at seeing them for you. I become your personal cheerleader telling you how awesome you are – because it’s true and because I know you have a lot to offer the people who need you!


High Vision Session

When you know the higher purpose for your work and the calling you’re here to serve then the unknowns of the ‘how’ aren’t so scary. You’re more able to trust the next step as it arises because you’re clear on your direction. You’re able to speak more confidently because it’s not about you. It’s about what you’re serving. 


Creative Jam Session

If the idea of perscriptive, formulaic business coaching that sends you off with lists of action plans makes you wanna run for the hills – you’re in the right place! That ain’t how I work. I hold a space of possibility so you can enjoy creating and exploring what’s arising in you. You might walk away with some next steps, but only because you’re excited to get moving.


Gifts + Vision + Create three pack

All of the above? I got you! 


Add on: Breathwork

Breathwork is a healing tool that helps you get out of your head and into your heart. My clients are amazed at the power of something so simple as the breath. Your breath is the connection between the seen and the unseen, between your body and the Divine. Breathwork helps you to embody what’s ready to be integrated from our talk sessions.

Add 60 minutes to any session
Additional cost: $125

Spiritual Wound + Breath Session

The women I work with often have a church background that has left them confused and conflicted. There are embodied beliefs that don’t go along with the belief in the heart. I can work with you to untangle from the past and come into alignment with what’s true for you.

I also work with women who have grown up with no spiritual direction and sorta feel like the odd one out. They feel a spiritual calling but don’t know where to turn for guidance. I can help you find your inner guidance and point you in the direction of some practical tools. 

Either way, I find the breath sessions are what’s needed to explore and embody what’s true for you. 


Is working with me right for you?

When you’re looking for spiritual guidance it’s important to click! I totally get it. Working with me is for you if….

  • You’re spiritual, but not religious
  • You cringe at the word God (that’s a sign of a wound)
  • You respect that there are many spiritual paths
  • You want to learn to bring spirituality into every aspect of your life
  • You suspect your spiritual background might be influencing your life and business
  • You’d like to be more confident in what’s true for you 
  • You feel like everything is spiritual but you’ve never looked at business that way
  • You might hate checklists, formulas and action plans*
  • You want to learn to slow down and go at your own pace
  • You want to be in service of something bigger, a conduit for good.

I’m probably not for you if…..

  • You’re looking for a guru or someone to tell you what to do
  • You want to be other people’s guru
  • You want to learn how to “manifest” *
  • You think the Law of Attraction is the only spiritual law
  • You want to hustle and push yourself toward “success” *
  • Your main goal is to earn 7 figures*

*Hey, most of us aren’t going to complain about hitting 7 figures – but if that’s your primary focus then working with me probably isn’t for you because one of my main values is being of service. Yes, manifesting and success are possible, but there’s more to life than getting your every desire (have you ever *not* gotten something and later realized it was a blessing?) and success is relative. Oh, and I’m a Virgo. I love a good checklist, but that’s not the focus of this work. 

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