Sacred Rebel Online Course

I'm so excited to share with you my upcoming course:

From Black Sheep to Sacred Rebel
An online course for women who want to live a spiritual life ruled by their own heart.

Growing up you always had a belief in a Higher Power. You could sense It and your desire to understand this Energy has always been with you. Maybe you were part of an organized religion. Maybe not. Either way, something deep inside you rejected the rules and restrictions of society and organized religion.

You could never fit into their box and your whole life you’ve danced between trying to find a way to belong and desperately wanting to be The Real You.

The Real You has a strong spiritual side and an inner-knowing guiding you–but you got the idea from others that you were wrong. Wrong for this conviction in your Knowing and wrong in your way of Being. So, to be accepted, you mostly cut this part of yourself off…… but it’s never completely left you.

This is my story as much as it is yours and I have something to tell you…

You are not wrong. You are independent, strong-willed, outspoken, radical, wild and free and you were born to be this way! These are your gifts–given to you by a Loving Source and this course is here to give you permission to be who you are meant to be: A Rebel in all the right ways.

If this sounds like you, we should get to know each other!
Head on over to find out more and get on the waitlist!

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