Sunday from 8:15 am till 9:30 am Soulful Sunday 

Soulful Sunday is part of The 8 Limbs Journey. It is a spiritual practice that incorporates a wider range of the 8 limbs of yoga: contemplation, posture, breathing practices, chanting, and meditation. This is a non-dogmatic devotional practice to connect in with Divine Consciousness. It’s a beautiful way to begin each week with a renewed reverence for the sacredness of life.

For more on The 8 Limbs Journey click here.

Location: Fleurieu Yoga Old Coach Rd, Aldinga

Price: $15 casual

Booking essential. Click here to save a spot! How to book: on the booking page scroll down to find Sunday Sadhana. Click and when the calendar appears select your date, pay, and confirm.


Wednesday from 11:00 am till noon Gentle Hatha Yoga

Location: Fleurieu Yoga, Old Coach Rd. Aldinga

Price: please see Fleurieu Yoga website for pricing and booking (*please note that this is the studio’s class whilst the Sunday Sadhana is run through myself. ~Shawna)



Available on request 

Please contact me for details!


Based on Kripalu Yoga , a form of Hatha yoga, this style of yoga is accessible for any body.

This is a mindful practice that will leave you feeling both rejuvenated and tranquil. While there are many physical benefits the focus here is on your whole Self: mind, body, breath and spirit.




You will develop:

*A more loving relationship to your physical body
*The ability to slow down and simply be in the moment
*More awareness of the breath and how to use it to uplift and/or relax
*Compassion and gentleness toward yourself and others
*Deeper self awareness
*The ability to direct the mind (rather than it directing you!)

Beginners are welcome!

What People are saying

I go to the gym for fitness, but I come to Shawna to refill my spirit. Recently while I was taking a yoga class in Bali I realised how lucky I am. I don’t have to travel all the way to Bali to connect back to myself. I just travel down the road to Shawna’s class and I am taken right back to my centre.


Serene blissful relaxation and beautiful stretching connected to breath! Thank you Shawna xxx


I had never been to yoga before, but I thought it was something I could use to calm my busy mind. I’m always on the go after years of taking care of others. After I left Shawna’s class I could feel how tired my body was from all that busyness. I also felt such calm. So much so that I thought “this is something I really need to commit to doing for myself!

Jan B.